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 Specialist in domain of informatics and instrument making 
 Lvovskiy Mark Beniaminovich 
E-mail: spm111@yandex.ru
Home Page: http://marklv.narod.ru/
ICQ: 79510132
Country: Russia
City: Moscow

Education: higher.
Scientific degree: the candidate of engineering.
Scientific rank: the high scientific employee.

The awards: the inventor USSR, two silver medals of exhibition, Excellent worker of ministry of coal industry of USSR.
The diplomas and thanks of Circumferential scientific - methodical centre of Northern educational district.

The publications: more 60 printed works, from them 13 inventions and patents.

Computer elaborations: the methodical aid on informatics, textbook HTML,
the tests on informatics and physics, problem book on physics, complete set of learning multimedia programs. The elaborations are placed on a site of the educational programs http://marklv.narod.ru/inf/

Length of service: 37 years.

Professional experience

2011 - School № 212
2007-2011 - Gymnasium № 201
1995-2008 - School № 1126 - gymnasium (grammar school) № 1576.
The teacher of informatics and physics. A category - higher.
Teaching of information technologies and physics at 9-11 classes.

1995-1998 - Social-economic college.
The teacher of informatics.
Teaching of information technologies on 1 and 2 years.

1979-1996 - Institute of automatisation of coal industry.
The senior engineer, high scientific employee, manager of laboratory.
Development and introduction of monitoring instruments of a mine atmosphere (methane, oxygen, oxide of carbon).

1974-1979 - All-Union institute of medical instrument making.
The engineer, senior engineer.
Development of ultrasonic Doppler diagnostic devices.

I have experience of working on IBM PC, I work professionally in the programs: Windows, MS Office, HTMLPad, PhotoShop, Gif Animator.
I am aible to use the programming languages Turbo Pascal, QBasic and Visual Basic.
I am aible to use Internet - technologies, technologies of multimedia and I have experience of Web-design.
I have experience on set-up of computer equipment and installation of the software.

Improvement of professional skill: at the Moscow institute of improvement of professional skill of the workers of education:
1997 - teacher of informatics.
1998 - teacher of physics.

Knowledge of foreign languages: English, I read and translate with the dictionary.

Supplementary data: I can be easily trained, I am obliging, sociable and capable to work both independently and in command.

I search for work of the teacher of information technologies, programmer or developer of instruments.

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